To Blog or Not to Blog?

Janice Krako/ November 20, 2015/ home, ideas, learning, writing/ 0 comments

Blogging, we all have something to say

We each have our views about the world, facts we know, or things we want to learn.   With the explosion of the Internet blogging has become a forum for us to connect with others all over this planet.

Blogging is the free and open exchange of ideas, goals, and information.   A meeting of minds places to learn, be creative and share.   If we don’t like the blog we move on to the next.

To blog or not to blog?


The reason why some of your favorite blogs are your favorite blogs can be explained many ways:

  • They write about topics you’re really interested about and want to keep up with
  • They post new content regularly and every time you log in, you’re looking forward to check out what is the latest info
  • They share their opinion and you even get to leave a comment and interact with the other visitors of that blog
  • You like the format and that they remained consistent and authentic throughout the years

“My goal is to be your favorite place to drop in so we can exchange ideas and impressions of the world we live in.”  

Let’s talk about everything from fashion, passions in life, travel, art, music and everything that makes this world wonderful…. and yes sometimes about the things we would love to see changed for the better too.

Come back again soon and share your ideas with me too.  Love to hear from you soon!


Ciao for now!

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